Riding blind

Wow. Last post was almost 50% shorter in average word count and still took forfreakinEVER to write. Gonna hafta go super minimalist style if I’m gonna get this one done before bedtime. Are you ready for this?!

Rode “recovery” ride. (Last week in quotes, first long ride next weekend.) Bigger group than normal – Yay! Garmin died in parking lot. Threw back in truck disgustedly. No data for whole trip. Annoyed. Rolled out. Rode slow. Saddle FIRE issues. Must exchange seat ASAP. Talked a bunch. Yay! Socializing didn’t distract me from pain. Boo! Probably shoulda skipped ride and traded in. Rode slow some more. Climbed …carefully, but in high gear. Good train on Alpine. Most agonizing Foothill stretch ever. Tried to ride with tail hanging behind saddle. Made it back, didn’t cry. Miss my data. Don’t like riding blind (with no numbers), and definitely not in hurty mode. Ate breakfast, waddled home. New saddle Monday for sure.

Whelp… that about covers it. Loving the new format? Hope not! I feel so… incomplete. So few words written!! ARGH!!! The torture! Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it next time.  In fact, have a little food review to tide you over:

Brand Flavor Rated (1-10) Notes
Luna Sport Moons Blueberry 7 Tastier than expected, but nowhere near as awesome as the Pomegranate flavor. A little too sweet for me, but the texture/packaging/nutrition is all good.
Gu Chomps Blueberry-Pomegranate 6.5 My least favorite of the Gu chews. Not terrible, just worse than the others. I’m not sure I support combining blueberries and poms in general, so no big surprise that I don’t love this. Similarly salty to rest of line.
Luna Bar Chocolate Peppermint Stick 1 Peppermint.Coated.Catfood. I think this may be the worst rating I’ve given. Ever. I had to choke down a quarter of this terrible bar as I didn’t have a backup plan. Lesson learned: bring backups. Just… ew.
Accelerade Lemon Lime 4 Tastes like a saltier version of lemon lime Gatorade. And I hate gatorade. That mouth coating sliminess is just a no-go.
HEED Sports Drink Subtle Melon 5 Earns bonus points for being honeydew melow (as I severely dislike all watermelon flavored foods and candies). Pleasant taste to start, and actually subtle to boot. Pretty nasty long-after taste (like 30 seconds later), means I probably wouldn’t switch to it.

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