The Light Fairy Shines on Some

Namely, the quick. Julie, Hilton and I set out to ride the Los Altos loop yesterday. I’ve ridden this area an awful lot (we typically use this as the “recovery” loop after long rides during the training season), but don’t know that I’ve ever really described it much. The route is a pretty easy 23 miles with very little climbing, a great rest stop at an open space preserve, and long stretches of flats along the Foothill Expressway. Now Foothill is one of *the* most popular roads for cyclists in the area. It boasts a very wide shoulder, access to several of the more popular climb routes nearby, and generally pleasing scenery. Annoyingly (and somewhat surprisingly given its popularity), the road also seems to have stoplights placed every hundred feet or so.

Most days the lights don’t really matter. If you make one and keep a pretty steady pace… you’re likely to make them all. If you’re really lucky (or remembered to sacrifice that goat), you get to giggle at the angry faces of all the “super fast” racer types that ZOOOOOM by you at warp speed only to get caught again and again at each intersection. Yesterday, however, Lady Light Fairy was not on our side. Or, more accurately, was only on the fast people’s side (maybe they have better goats?). We rolled out around 10:45 and hit Foothill at a brisk 18mph pace. Hilton must’ve been feeling pretty good, because he dropped us in the first 3 miles, and with the light gods blessing, was out of sight in no time. Julie and I limped along behind, catching pretty much every single stop between the start point and our first turn. We didn’t even try to catch him after the third cursed light.

The three of us had a quick exchange upon leaving Foothill, in which Hilton yelled “Meetcha at the rest stop, I’m going for some extra punishment today,” and then we split up again. He took the extra climbing miles, while Julie and I opted for the no-cars route along Old Page Mill. Surprisingly, we all pulled into the Arastradero Preserve around the same time for a quick break. I took this opportunity to share my food experimentation tactics with my two unsuspecting (or overly forgiving) ride buddies (you do remember all the samples I bought, right?!). Pretty sure the definition of friendship is being able to say “Wow, this is terrible… try it” — and having them do so willingly. Twice. Separate foot post incoming soon!

The little climb through the preserve went surprisingly quickly for all involved. The three of us regrouped on Alpine for “the best part of the route,” which is basically a few mile stretch of very fast, slightly descending, well paved road. We rolled along at a good clip, despite being nearly killed at least three times by Biker Bees (fast riders who announce their presence only by the buzz of their tires – with no understanding that a quick “on your left” is less likely to kill their pace than the accident we’re gonna have upon collision). The headwinds coming back around Stanford and then back on Foothill slowed the… ummm… less in-shape (insane?)… of us considerably, and our group ended up splitting again for the remainder of the ride. Still, we all rolled back into the parking lot in pretty close time — and regrouped for shopping and food fun. Overall, a good “getting back on the bike after two weeks slack” trip.

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