The Aftermath

Its been over a week since the Solvang Century. I have a 100+ mile ride under my belt. The sunburns have faded and the legs now function normally again. I can sit down without wincing. The bike still squeaks, but that’s mainly a function of me not taking her to the shop yet. And one question still remains… No, not “have you cleaned that darn bike yet?” She’s still as muddy as ever, thank you very much. I was thinking more along the lines of …“Will you do it again?”

Someone asked me that right after the ride, and I couldn’t really answer. With muscles aching, brain basically dead (shut up! that is so a departure from the norm!), I knew that I needed time to recover before making a decision. I’ve spent so much of the last year of my life in and out of bike training, I deserved a break! After due consideration, my best answer is…maybe. I loved the entire Team in Training experience; the practice rides, the hill repeats, the people and the support. I’ve made friends I’ll keep in touch with (hopefully) for a good long while. But unless the group takes me back as a mentor for a later season I think the fundraising will put me out of the running for at least a year. Between the new move and the wedding this year, I am tapped!

That said, I don’t think anyone will be getting me off a bike anytime soon. I took this past weekend off from cycling entirely, and felt like I was missing something all day long. In fact, I signed up today for the Strawberry Fields century in May, so I need to get some saddle time ASAP before my tail gets too far out of shape! I also seriously need to get my poor Trek baby some much needed shop lovin’. Then again, I did make it through the entire season crash-free! Charles has already been informed that my new frame should be on order just as soon as I pick it out! (Any suggestions? The Orbea Diva is currently calling my name…) All this to say, the Solvang Century isn’t the last you’ve heard outta me! I’ve got miles of new trail at the new house to explore, and plenty of coaches still to harass on buddy rides! More (hopefully) soon. Gotta get at least 10 boxes unpacked this week first…


4 Responses to “The Aftermath”

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  2. 2 Beagle June 6, 2008 at 2:00 am

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An often sarcastic, occasionally humorous journal of my training adventures in preparation for the Livestrong century ride. I took up cycling back in '07 in hopes of meeting new people, and, with the help of Team in Training, making my small positive difference in the world -- and haven't stopped spinning since. Follow along as my Trek road bike and I try and hash out our differences, hopefully with me upright and in the saddle.

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