Making a List

Trying to pack for a ride at 10pm the night before you leave is not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Trying to do said packing knowing that a good portion of my bike gear was likely still in boxes was even less so. I suppose that its ever so slightly better than packing the morning of, right? In my panicked attempts to pull everything into a reasonable number of bags for a two day trip, I kept rolling though a mental list in my head (that I really should have written down) and checking things off as I found them. Some sections fared better than others:


  • Two pair of bike shorts. The long ones, as it might be cold – Check
  • TNT jersey. Crap, missed sendoff ride, so don’t have event jersey. Will take training jersey and hope to find Kate before actual ride – Check
  • Two undershirts, as will be cold in mornings at least – Check
  • Two (matching) pair of socks. Rummage through many laundry baskets and bags. – Check
  • Leg warmers. Well, they have a hole in them…but… – Check
  • Newly washed foot covers – Check
  • Shoes. Found in Charles’ truck – Check
  • Jacket. Remembered Friday morning as was getting into car when I spotted it sticking out of laundry basket – Check
  • Ear warmers – Check
  • Long and short fingered gloves (dunno how cold fingers will be!) – Check
  • Something to wear when not on bike. Right…good plan that – Check
  • Assorted toiletries thrown into plastic baggie just before leaving – Check Hope Charles grabbed the toothpaste.


  • Helmet – Check
  • Garmin – Check
  • All important Garmin charger – Check!
  • Tiny camera for photo-logging first century ride – Check
  • Charger for afore-mentioned camera – Borrowed and Check
  • Water bottles. Emergency tearing through bags found one…so – half-check!
  • Sunglasses – Check
  • Contacts. No freakin’ clue where those are. Decided would ride blind; my vision’s not that bad, I think – Big Red X
  • Dirty Evil Camelback – unfortunate check
  • BIKE. The last thing to make it into the truck…but a definite necessity – Check!
  • Floor pump – Check


  • GU. Managed to find one mint-chocolate and one espresso love. Hope to borrow/buy more on site – Half check
  • Shot Bloks. Three bags split between bento box and evil camelback. – Check
  • Clifbar. Can’t find them. Assume were thrown out in move (as movers apparently catch on fire upon touching foodstuffs) – Big ol’ X
  • Cytomax. Well crap. Also apparently thrown out. Could live without Clifbar, but will need to find/borrow drink or will never finish ride. Stress about this for a full 24 hours – No check. Possibly negative sign instead.
  • Water. Not really food, but closely related. Will have to hit store somewhere in Solvang. Assuming psuedo-Danish drink bottled water – No check

Two suitcases, two laptop bags, one gym bag, one purse and one bike later (plus that darn camelback), the truck was packed. With emergency dog sitter acquired (big almost-oops there!) and her tests passed, we headed out around 9:30 Friday morning for two nights in Solvang. Hopefully all boxes in the house will be unpacked before the next attempt at one of these things (assuming there is a next time, of course!).


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