Ungrateful Wretches

Let it be known before I make the next few posts, that I do, in fact, understand that we out here in California are ungrateful wretches. For over 80% of the year, the weather consists of lovely mid 70s-80s temperatures, zero humidity and approximately…I dunno…four? days of “rain” to speak of. The other 20ish percent is made up of a combination 40-60 degree weather, punctuated with what these left-coasters refer to as rain (which would barely pass as a light shower in some states). So, if you are reading this blog, possibly looking at your car under a foot or so of snow out the window, hearing me whine about 40-50 degree mornings and three whole rides cancelled due to some ill-informed Californians’ idea of “harsh conditions”, I completely sympathize if your typically mild mannered self is overcome by the urge to punch me in the nose or stab me with a spoon. Seriously, I get it. Should you actually decide to do either of those things, I’ll likely be somewhat less than understanding. Up until a year or so ago, I was a proud member of your warm-weather-whiner-despising ranks!

Anyway, this ramble is all leading up to tell you that I have, in spite of all bitching to the contrary, managed to get in a couple rides so far this year. If you’ll remember, my arm surgery was scheduled for the 15th of January, with only a couple days notice. I did manage to get a ride in that Saturday afternoon after my appointments. By the time I set out to cycle, it was early afternoon and the sun was actually shining for the first time in days. I threw on my gear and headed up Ye Ol’ Favorite Trail. Or so I am calling it. Today. Determined to get a few miles under my belt before Tuesdays’ surgery, I opted to ride all the way into downtown Los Altos (the whopping 10 miles of it). I grabbed a bite at a sandwich shop, and ate on a park bench while enjoying the ’til recently absent sun. *dodges invisible e-punch from the northern state fans* Apparently my toasted ham and brie smelled pretty good, as I got quite a few canine companions (and requisite owners) to chat with during my break. Renourished, I headed for home in what was a wholly uneventful, but otherwise enjoyable ride.

In an attempt not to fall too far behind the team, I made sure to also hit Ron’s Recovery Ride on Sunday morning – my last opportunity to log some miles before going under the knife (how dramatic sounding, no?). The ride is an easy loop down through what I’m pretty sure is Los Altos (geography…not my strong suit). Of the 6-8 people in attendance, I think only 3 of us were actually participants this season. There was a heavy TNT mentor, coach and alumni contingent that showed up for the quick Sunday trip. I’m guessing they couldn’t pass up the chance to add on some non-rain miles as well!

The heavy morning fog had all but burned away by the time we rolled out, and was completely gone within about half an hour. Interestingly, I never actually managed to do the recovery ride last season…and man did I miss out! The loop is great for conversation; no super strenuous climbs and an easy pace. I definitely prefer riding with people and chatting to riding solo. We rode much further Saturday than I did on my own, but the group ride was significantly more enjoyable. Me? Likes to talk? **Shocking** The miles flew by and before I knew it we were seated in a a restaurant, chowing down on french toast and bacon. There are a few Sunday morning activities I can think of that beat that…but not many!

I just realized the Garmin is in the truck with my other gear for tomorrow’s ride. Looks like we’re SOL for data tonight, but I DO have it, and will try and get both rides added this weekend!

Los Gatos Creek ride data

Los Altos Recovery ride data


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