Junk Miles

I missed the last two rides in December, but for at least one of them I had a good reason – getting Charles back out on a bike! Instead of doing Coach George’s buddy ride on 12/22, I managed to coax my own personal buddy out for a spin around the neighborhood. Now I already know that some of you are going to look at our route and groan. That trail again? Well, yes. But let me explain.

We got a late start on the day. It was full on 11am before Charles was actually suited up and ready to roll. He had been complaining that his gears were shifting poorly when he had the bike up on the trainer. We debated driving to Los Altos or Canada to ride, but opted for a quick trip around the block to check out the shifting issues. Lo and behold, the thing really was grinding every time he shifted out of his lowest gears. Rather than risk a breakdown far from home, we rode up to the Willow Glen Bikes and asked them to take a look. Ten minutes and ten dollars later we were back on the road, his rear derailleur hanger bent back to its proper position. As the clock ticked on towards noon, we decided to try a bike trail near the house.

Rather than be utterly lame and ride the Los Gatos Creek Trail again, we opted to try the Guadeloupe River Trail. Charles and I had seen signs for this place multiple times, but weren’t quite sure where it started or how to get on it. It took a bit of doing, but we found the entrance, and almost immediately wished we hadn’t. The purported “bike trail” was really an approximately half mile loop around the Children’s Discovery Center. Awesome. Totally worth braving 280 on/off ramps for that. *Denote massive amounts of sarcasm here*

I was at a loss for where to go. I had now tried every single direction from my house and found nothing new worth riding. The couple miles to get to that new-so-called-trail were utter crap. Bumpy, gravely, and very traffic-y. Pretty much every direction but one that I’ve tried was much the same. We are surrounded by junk miles! And so, rather than call it a day with only 10 miles under our belts (who puts on spandex for less than 15?) we headed up to our old standby: The Los Gatos Creek Trail. I know you’re all excited, but get this…it was fun!

The weather had warmed up to somewhere in the 60s and the sun was shining. We rode up to the dog park and watched the puppies for a bit. About half a mile later Charles had done all he wanted to do, so he headed for home. I decided to push on up to Los Gatos. I’d never actually gone all the way to there, and the conditions couldn’t be beat! The ride was slow; tons of people off for the holidays and enjoying the warm spell on the trail. So I gave up on pushing speed (until the way home) and just enjoyed the day. I got pretty excited when I popped out in the middle of Los Gatos. Its such a cute town, and I had no idea that it was only 3 or 4 miles further from where I normally stopped. Charles and I will so be doing that ride again – with a coffee break in the middle, of course!

Granted, the ride wasn’t as long as Coach George’s 50 miler (nor anywhere near as cold!)…but it was definitely a good time. I was happy to have Charles out with me on the bike, and it was good to explore our neighborhood – even if only to find that we are surrounded by utter junk save one, well-ridden route. When I finally made it home, we rewarded ourselves with Bucca di Beppos. Love me some penne arrabiata!

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1 Response to “Junk Miles”

  1. 1 Ezra January 13, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Oh, to have the weather that you have .. Northwestern PA is not the place to ride in December/January.
    My muscles are shrinking by the minute.

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