Winter Weather Wardrobe

The gear clinic has come and gone, and I can finally claim to be ready for the winter season (only 3-4 weeks after it starts)! After weeks of shopping, waiting for sales (hey, I’m kinda poor!), and asking for advice…I have at least a baseline of gear to keep the body parts warm in the “cold” NorCal winters. Or what passes for cold here. Then again, most things feel cold at 25+ mph…in the summer that just happens to be considered a plus!

So, what does it take to stay warm on a bike when the weather gets cooler? More vaguely dorky gear than you can imagine! Yes, I did say dorky. While I can now strut my stuff in most any establishment in my skintight adult diaper wannabes, it took awhile to build my cycling short confidence (and this assuredness only extends to immediate pre and post ride activities). Adjusting to gear which not only enlarges my already protruding posterior but also emphasizes my chicken calves is going to take some time. Boo at ankle-length lycra! I digress…the top-to-bottom gearset to combat the winter weather woes includes (at a minimum):

  • Ears: Pearl Izumi Headband – I hear full hats are better…but I hate hats.
  • Eyes: Tifosi Vogel in Gunmental – OK…doesn’t really keep anything warm, but my Oakleys are waaay to dark for early morning/late evening winter riding. Plus, pink lenses = wins!
  • Top: Under Armour base layer shirts – I went in for the Heat Gear thinking that the Cold stuff was waaaaay too thick. I might pick up a set of heavier options going forward as I still get a bit chilly.
  • Top: Cannondale Shell Jacket – except I think I have last season’s model, cause mine is white and blue. (White cycling gear? WTF?! But the removeable arms are nifty)
  • Arms: Some “C” company Arm Warmers – Yeah, I had them before. They got cut off in the accident. Hooray for re-spending money!
  • Hands: Pearl Izumi Cyclone Glove – exactly the same as my summer glove, only in full fat-finger, shifter inhibiting form
  • Legs: Random Generic to-the-ankle Legwarmers (oh so pretty)
  • Feetsies: Wool socks. Oh how I love random sock colors and designs!
  • More Feets: Cycle Shoe Covers with windstop – Seriously, my feet are always cold. And why wouldn’t I want something to completely cover up my spiffy socks? Oh wait.

So that’s enough to get me started. After all those purchases. I’m still lusting after a few things…but I guess that’s what Christmas lists are for, right?

Because I do so love lists… Jamie’s Cycling Wish-list

That should be enough for now… Should you need more options, let me know and I can definitely give you additional ideas! Go forth and SHOP! please?! 🙂


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