All Clear on the Arm Front!

Well, mostly.

The short version: As of my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I am cleared to start riding, running, yoga or any number of other physical activities at my leisure. No heavy lifting for another 2-3 months, but all other restrictions are lifted. Hooray! Let’s bust out the road bike tonight, right?

The long version: While my bones appear to be fully healed, my muscles are still…well, wussy. Two months of utter inactivity has left me with pretty nasty tendinitis in the area around my rotator cuff, and my overall arm strength is “not bad, but could be better.” Unfortunately, there’s no magic cure – just physical therapy. Up to three more months of it. Le sigh…it could be worse.

In other news, the bumps in my arm that I thought were bruises are actually the flippin’ wires!!! Apparently, my skinny twig arms paired with a general lack of muscle covering the elbows on humans allows me to actually feel my more bionic parts. All together now….eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. I guess it’s good that I’m not still horribly bruised, but …*shudder*. Also, the sensitivity of my forearm is due to the surgery, is normal and will eventually go away. The best way to expedite it? Rolling it on the stupid foam thing or massage. Any arm-massage volunteers? As expected, I scored worst on arm-straightening (insert frowny face here). Theoretically I should be able to get it straight using my own force (ow?) in the next couple weeks (I’m really close!), but the doc is ordering a straightening brace just in case. You wear it at night and some spring-loaded rubberband thing pulls your arm straight in your sleep. Assuming you can actually sleep with it on. Oh well, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Given all that, what’s the plan? Will this blog ever have ride entries again? Yes…just not this week. With the tenderness that’s still present in my elbow, I’m pretty sure that jumping out onto the road immediately isn’t going to work. I just think about the jarring bumps on Willow Street and cringe (shooting elbow pains while driving are still pretty commonplace – I’m guessing these would be even worse on a bike). So for this week I’m going to get the bike up on the trainer and see how I respond to weight on my shoulder and elbow when leaning forward. Hopefully we’ll have everything hooked up tonight and I can make some assessments before this weekend. Assuming everything goes well, I should be ready to hit the road for real by early next week. I’ll have to keep the first couple rides tame (and likely short), I’m sure, but I’ll be back in the saddle! So exciting!! I’m nearly jumping out of my skin at work with anticipation. Of course, that could just be the caffeine. Whatever.

Cue *Back in the Saddle Again* music…


3 Responses to “All Clear on the Arm Front!”

  1. 1 Will November 11, 2007 at 6:18 pm


    I did my first century this year – cycling around Lake Geneva. Very satusfying

    Good luck healing and with your challenge for a good cause



  2. 2 DJones November 12, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    I also rode my first century this year… and my second and my third. That’s just a warning because as soon as you cross the finish line you’ll feel like you shaved your head and drank the kool-aid. You’ll want to do it again! Some great moutain century rides here on the east coast. They’re linked on my last blog post… if you’re interested. Good Luck!

  3. 3 Vevina November 11, 2008 at 8:56 am

    People should read this.

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