Just Be Thankful

Healing is slow work. I’ve been in a sling now for three weeks and four days – also known as an eternity. Best case scenario lets me out of this thing at week eight, by which point I am confident I will have devolved into the realm of the completely insane (Hey! No cracks as to how short of a trip that is!). In all seriousness though, I had no idea how much I would miss my left arm until I was completely unable to use it. I can definitely see why my little brother once tore off his own cast after 2-3 weeks when he broke his wrist. Back then I thought he was nuts; now I vaguely envy him!

Anyway, for those who were were wondering, I am surviving – albeit barely. I’m off the pain meds, choosing to just “suck up” the dull ache in my shoulder area. I figure if I know how much it hurts, I’ll also know when it stops hurting and I can pester the doc to let me play in normal-mode again. Typically my elbow doesn’t bother me too much, with the exception of sharp shooting pains and skin breaking sensations when I perform my doctor-acknowledged “aggressive” rehab exercises. FYI – There are disadvantages to being seen as “young, healthy, and likely to heal well.

Other than that, the worst thing I’m dealing with is frustration. I had to buy a stack of extremely ugly Old Navy shirts two sizes too big because I can’t lift my arms to get into normal clothes. I take showers with a trashbag over one arm, and my hair hasn’t been styled by anyone but Charles since the accident. My typing skill is down somewhere around 10 WPM, yet work hasn’t gone away. Worst, I can’t work out at ALL as even slow walking jars my collarbone on occasion. Going from 3-5 days a week of workouts to zero has is killing me! All in all, I resemble a slow, slightly disabled, headed for out of shape, ball of stress bag lady. With fuzzy hair (who occasionally exaggerates…slightly).

OH! And I managed to catch a cold!! It is utterly impossible to cough/sneeze/hiccup without serious pain to the busted collar. In light of all that, I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I should be thankful for about the accident to put it all in perspective. And yes, I realize its not Thanksgiving yet (someone should really tell Macy’s though, they already have up Christmas trees), nor do I live in some overly-cheery Disney movie, but I could use the positivity. I’ll make a much evil-er post soon to make up for it!

Just remember:

  • At least I was wearing a helmet.
  • At least I didn’t hit the car. Or vice versa.
  • At least I didn’t swerve left and go off the road, down the hill.
  • At least the Garmin didn’t fall off. Again.
  • At least you weren’t out there solo. Go team!
  • My teeth didn’t crack. No reason to skimp on the wedding photographer now! (Although I bet Dad doesn’t agree with that one when he sees the bill. just kidding Dad! Mostly…)
  • I broke my collarbone in the “best possible” place. They should hand out awards for that.
  • Fuzzy hair was in-style once. I could totally claim to be bringing it back.
  • No exercise means less appetite; its like built-in weight loss.
  • I still get a trip to Hawaii without actually doing work while there. 90% of the experience, 4% of the effort (thanks Coach Patrick!).
  • Time spent sleeping in the recliner prepares you for important things in life – like sleeping on airplanes. Or trains. Or in cars. (You get the idea…)
  • Two words: Sympathy Donations.

That’s all I can think of for now. Let me know if you’ve got more for my list and I’ll add them! Off to rest my overused right arm.


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