A Food Interlude

Hey, it kinda rhymes, no? Since Saturday’s ride was unsupported (I miss you SAG!), I had a chance to scarf down a bunch of the new foods that I’ve been saving up. Surprisingly, almost everything I tried this week was pretty darn good! Here’s a quick rundown…

Brand Flavor Rated (1-10) Notes
Accel Gel Chocolate 8.5 Shockingly tasty. Not pasty, not watery – even in 90+ degree hit. Something on par with a melty milkshake. Has a blend of protein and carbs…not that I understand really why that’s good for me yet.
Accel Gel Vanilla 7 Good flavor, but a bit overwhelmingly vanilla on a hot day. Think rich vanilla ice cream melted (although not quite that sweet). I liked it, but needed a lot of water to wash it down.
GU Tri Berry 7.5 Not overly sweet, which I’d expected from a berry gel. I always seem to like the GU texture – but prefer their other flavor options to this overall.
Clif Bar Oatmeal Raisin Walnut 7 One of my favorite bars thus far. I typically don’t like too many raisins, but this bar is really light on them. A bit too heavy for me to eat once I get going – but a good pre-ride food.

Coach Don asked me this week if I’ve managed to settle on any foods yet after all this trialing. Well, yes and no. It’s a bit too much fun testing to give up, but I have gone out and bought big kid sizes of the Cytomax Tangy Orange (which is almost always in my bottle now), and Clif Shot Bloks – Strawberry. I’d actually be content with almost any of the Blok options, as I really like the texture, but I haven’t been willing to drop the money on another flavor just yet. As for gels, I’m definitely still in the experimental phase, but the GU Chocolate and Accel Chocolate or Vanilla seem to be my frontrunners thus far.

Bedtime now…hill repeats with Garmin data tomorrow!! (Yes, I broke down and bought one. I am so bad!)


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