The Aftermath and the Recovery

Saturday night after the ride was pretty rough. I developed a massive headache shortly after the ride, which pained me slightly more than my jello-legs. The only thing I wanted in the entire world (other than giving Coach Keith the thrashing he so soundly deserved) was a long nap. Unfortunately, I’d promised Gloria that I would attend the date auction – and had bullied my friend into accompanying me. So, instead of indulging in a well deserved pass-out, I hit Starbucks for a triple-shot iced latte, downed four Ibuprofen and hoped I’d still be able to move my legs after an hour in the car up to San Francisco.

I won’t go into it too much, but suffice to say that the date auction was a huge success and a pretty good time. It probably would have been a little better had I not been so darn tired…but so goes the life of a cyclist, I guess. It was definitely weird to see the teammates in their normal clothes. When I stop and think about it, I know that they don’t wear spandex in their everyday lives; but the thought never really occurs to me until I actually see them dressed well…normally. Fun times! I left shortly after the auction portion closed (dancing? I could barely stand!), and I was out cold before my head hit the pillow.

Charles was coming home from Baltimore around noon on Sunday, so I knew I couldn’t make the scheduled recovery ride without bailing early – I ride slow! I decided to do a quick solo ride down good ol’ Creek Trail (try not to groan…I know I do!) to get my leg muscles moving again. Lo and behold, I actually managed to get out of bed before noon…just not much before. I debated for awhile, but having learned my “ow can’t move muscles” lesson last Sunday, I opted for a super short ride rather than a longer one in the afternoon.

I arrived at the trail to find both entrances at the elementary school to be completely blocked off. A couple of loops around the parking lot yielded no real clue as to why. Finally, some random man finishing his run took pity on my confused looking self and pointed out the shiny new blacktop pavement. Ahhhh “trail improvements”…how inconvenient. A bit more investigation indicated that other people, bikes and runners and the like, were all using the trail despite the city-erected blockades at the entrance (and again several yards down the trail). I found a small, originally unseen, gap in their defenses and resolved to continue my recovery ride despite the potential of harassment by angered pavement worker types (assuming that such people could be found working on a Sunday morning. Seems unlikely.).

Progress was slow. There were battlements every few yards for the first 2-3 miles, which required careful maneuvering, especially with the civilian and children-types around. I hit the dog park just before 11 and was forced to turn home in order to shower, change, and meet the Charles-plane on time. Had my cyclo-computer come with instant airline updates, I would have known his plane would be late and continued a bit farther before giving up…but I’m betting that particular device is a good couple years off. All in all, it was a good (but extremely short) ride.

Distance: 9.04 mi (no laughing!)

Time: 44:21

Avg MPH: 12.8

Max MPH: 23.7


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