Two 100-pound Rubber Bands

I’ll try and keep this post short (yeah, that’ll happen…DANGIT! Did the parenthetical interruption thing already! That does NOT help in keeping things short. GAH rambling! Done now.), cause I’m falling behind on my updates! Anyway, Charles wanted to ride with me again on Sunday, so I decided to do that instead of the group recovery ride in the morning.

As promised, I went with Charles to Performance to pick out new slick tires for his mountain bike before the ride. As cycling is medically recognized to have potential shopping compulsions, I didn’t feel too bad when we added 2 new pair of gloves, a new saddle (for him), and several fun new food products to the pile before leaving. Hey – at least it’s medically excused, right? Or is that just something a mentor told me to make me feel better? Hrmmm… Notes things to ask doctor upon next appointment…

The day was busy with a variety of mundane household tasks that seem incapable of accomplishing themselves without my direct intervention, so it was early evening before Charles and I set out for our ride. Apparently, no one explained to me ahead of time that recovery rides are best served before noon (i.e. before the muscles have had nearly 12 hrs to cramp and whine). I was (slightly) amazed to find that my legs all but refused to turn the crank, even in a fairly low gear – hence the post title. I literally felt like my legs, especially thighs, were made of something resembling overstretched rubber bands; rubber bands that just happened to weigh a good 100 pounds each. OW!

I was actually drafting Charles for the first part of our ride. His new tires and saddle (once adjusted a good two inches up) made a huge difference, and he was keeping a 15mph pace with ease. The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful. We stopped at the dog park to watch the puppies, and then pushed on to Vasona. I had a minor scare when I stopped for Charles at the Second Wooden Bridge of Doom, and ended up backtracking a bit to look for him when he didn’t show up. As it turns out, he stopped to help someone with a flat (awww, so nice), and was NOT wiped out on the side of the road…but I was worried!

By the time we were headed home, my legs were feeling much better. Charles promised Buca di Beppo for dinner if I could get home, confirm their hours, and get ready to go in time to eat before they closed. I all but flew the last 4 miles (and man was it worth it. Mmmm arrabiata)! Surprisingly, the legs were still feeling pretty good on Monday – just some minor soreness – so there must be something to this recovery ride concept.

OK – DONE! Was it short enough?

Distance: 12.34 mi

Time: 53:04

Avg MPH: 13.5

Max MPH: 22.6


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