Sunshine Sucks

I thought about naming this post “The Sun is the Devil”, but figured two devil-titled posts within a week of each other might be considered overkill. In reality, I like the sun itself; just not the inevitable burning that accompanies it. Maybe I should have thought about that before moving to one of those sunshine states. Sigh…moving on.

So, I had joked a good bit about trying to even out my cool biker’s short tan while in Mexico last week. Apparently, someone was listening, and decided that the best way to accomplish said goal would be to completely fry all parts of my body that were newly exposed to sun in the bathing suit. I guess its only fair, as I had burned the lower legs while cycling a couple weeks back…but someone seriously screwed up the orders of magnitude. I didn’t sleep for a full two nights from burn related pain. What’s all this got to do with cycling you ask? Two things really…

One – have you ever tried making the cycling motion with a flaming red burn at your bikini line? Guys – please consider yourselves exempt from that question (I don’t wanna know). It freakin’ hurts!! I gave myself an extra two days off last week – we actually got back in town on Wednesday – and Sunday’s ride was still painful. Note to self (and approximately four blog readers): Don’t lay out in Hawaii before the ride, unless wearing a pantsuit…and SPF 7500.

Two – aforementioned “Evil Burn of Doom” turns into icky “Peeling Situation of Grossness” after your first moderately challenging bike ride. I really envy the naturally dark. Or even the naturally don’t-spontaneously-combust-at-the-sight-of-sun skin-tones. I haven’t burned and peeled since I was like 14 (about the last time I owned a bike. Coincidence? hrmmmm)!! Granted, my sun-averse addiction to indoor things – wii, WoW, sleep, couch – probably had something to do with that. Have you ever tried scratching your tummy, shoulders, and legs simultaneously while balancing on a bike? We’re just lucky that last night was NOT Fall Four!

In other news, last night was my farthest solo ride. I didn’t make it out until 6:30ish, so I had to give up on driving down to Page Mill, and do the stupid Creek Trail…again. I really need to get a new routine. Maybe I’ll start taking my bike to work and riding up there. Anyone know any good trails in Dublin/Pleasanton area? Anyway, I decided to push myself a bit for speed and distance, given my slow performance the night before. This might have worked wonderfully – had all the pedestrians in a 10 mile radius gotten the memo.

Scratching aside, I kept a pretty good pace and had a nice ride last night. I did get ever so slightly lost around Vasona lake; couldn’t find the trail to save my life. A couple loops of the parking lot later and I was back in business. My overall average is low – which isn’t really indicative of how hard I felt I worked. When I was able to, I kept a minimum 16mph clip. Unfortunately there were a lot of crawls and even a few extra stops as part of my pedestrian avoidance routine. I got all the way out to …some little road with a big blue house on it… (approx 9miles out) before the setting devil-ball (aka sun) forced me to turn home. Overall, a good ride. I pushed myself enough to actually get that happy post-workout buzz. Hopefully I won’t be too awful slammed at training this week now!

Distance: 17.98mi

Time: 1:16:43

Avg MPH: 14

Max MPH: 24.8


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