Restart Your Counters

Originally intended for posting on 7/8. Who knew the Four Seasons would only have pay internet? So lame!

Saturday’s ride started much the same as any other. Coach Dave gave a great talk on nutrition (start trying things to find what you like? I’ve got a whole spreadsheet!), and we got our recommittment packets from Kate before roll-out. Ooooh…credit card number time…that’s a little intimidating! Coach Keith corralled the Tiki Tiki’s, gave a quick talk about the ride and safety, and we set out.

Overall – a great first half of the ride. The weather couldn’t have been better and our pacelining was definitely improving. There was a minor incident in which Mike somehow managed to run down a live squirrel that went something along the lines of…

“Did it get back up?”
“What, the dead squirrel? Ummmmmm not so much…”
“Damnit! Are you sure?!”

A team rename as “Team Tiki Tiki and the Squirrel Killer” was debated, but eventually shot down under the “too long” pretext. Plus we couldn’t seem to convince Mike to wear a squirrel tail on his helmet. Killjoy! Other than that (and some minor huffing and puffing – especially when Ed was pulling!), we rolled into the rest stop in good spirits.

With the Mt. Eden climb impending, I decided to go ahead and get my third fall out of the way just to make it extra challenging. (Hey, Ruth says I’m required to do three – and at least it’s out of the way before Honolulu!) Yep, in case you weren’t among the forty-ish people who got to witness my tumble on Saturday, the counter has gained another tickmark. Best part? I managed to do it with both feet unclipped, at a dead standstill in the parking lot. For no apparent reason. Sigh…

I did recover, and get back on the bike (which now makes a really cool double-clicky noise when shifting – yays back to the bike shop), just in time for our big climb of the day. Hooray! For the record, hill repeats definitely do help your strength, but don’t expect the climb to be cake if you ridden a good 20 miles before you get to it. At least not if you’re me. I huffed and puffed – and averaged a whopping 6.2mph on the way up – but I did make it.

I think the group was feeling a bit tired overall on the latter part of the ride, as our pace back was definitely slower than the pace out. Regardless, everyone was encouraging everyone else, and we all made it back to the start alive (albeit slightly bruised) and together. Good ride team!

In honor of Fall Three, I’ve updated the stats list:
Number of rides: 18

Falls: 3

Rides since last fall: 0 (but I made it to 18 before it happened dangit!)

Number of bruises left: At this point, even the bruise to my pride is fading…(melodramatic much?)

Miles traveled: 265.66 – I went with 132 from the last count and added all the cycle-computer records in since then.

Last up – a couple new food reviews, as it’s been awhile since I posted them.

Brand Flavor Rated (1-10) Notes
GU Espresso Love 7 Taste like really weak, really sugared coffee (espresso flavor? HA! I should really make coffee for these people sometime.) I do like the fact that it contains brain happy-chemicals – aka caffeine.
Clif Shot Bloks Lemon Lime 7.5 Solidified Seven-Up, without the bubbles. I like 7up, so I’m basically OK with this option.
Viso Strawkey 3 That one drink I forgot to review awhile back. Strawberry Lime flavor. Tastes diet, and really tart. I HATE diet.

I guess that’s about it for now. I have my ride stats at home and will put them up soon! Back to work!

Distance: 30.39mi

Time: 2:25:04

Avg MPH: 12.6

Max MPH: 31.9


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