Red Means Stop

I set out Sunday morning to repeat the Buddy Ride 2 course through Los Altos with Justyna, her husband (Tomek? I know the name, just not how to spell – sorry if it’s wrong!), and one of her work friends, Ron. We did the introductions round, aired up our tires – which I’m glad I did, as my front tire was down to 70ish – and set out.

Overall, it was a great morning for a ride. The sun was shining (on my newly burnt, but now sunscreened legs), the wind was pretty low, and I was feeling good. We started slow, trying to find a comfortable riding speed for everyone, and then picked up the pace as we headed down Foothill. Well, at least we picked up the pace until we got pulled over.

Justyna and I cruised through a yellow light, having been going a bit too fast to stop safely. She and I started to pull off to wait for the boys (who were a few yards behind going into the light), only to find that they had made it though. Or so we thought… About 30 feet later a police car pulled up beside us and ticketed the last of our group for running a red. OUCH! While he was writing the ticket we watched another cyclist go by us, only to be pulled over by a motorcycle cop. Double OUCH! Lesson learned – Stop for red (lights, signs, etc). Seriously.

The first half of the ride was really rough for me. I hadn’t eaten anything late the night before, and only had a Dannon Light Smoothie thing before the ride. We weren’t riding anywhere particularly challenging, but I was really struggling to keep up. By the second half, I think that Probar that I’d choked down pre-ride had digested; I ended the ride with more energy than I started. Weird how that works. Guess I still need to work on my nutrition habits!

Other than that, the rest of the ride was uneventful. As I said, it was a beautiful day, and once I had my energy back – it was a great ride. My map holder was finally put to good use (yay!), and I will say that it performed admirably. The new seat position was LOADS better, and I’m actually walking fairly normally today. Now I just need to decide if I like it better than the old saddle (which I think I do…but I am Queen Indecisive). We hit the Starbucks after the ride for my favorite recovery drink – coffee! Yeah, yeah…I’m still working on that whole caffeine addiction bit. 🙂

I did try (and reject) a couple of new food items this ride.

Brand Flavor Rated (1-10) Notes
Enervitene Sport Gel Orange 2 Chemical orange flavor with an extremely slimey texture. Managed to eat about half before I had to give up.
Clif Shot Blok Black Cherry 8.5 Really liking the blok texture and flavors (plus it includes 50mg of caffeine!). Strawberry was slightly more tasty than Black Cherry, so this one gets knocked down just a squish.
Probar Whole Berry Blast 8 No real complaints here – one of the better bars I’ve tasted. Basically a fruit and nut trail mix in bar format. Not too dry, not too sweet (just eat it earlier than you think you need to!)

I also tried a random electrolyte drink who’s name I don’t remember (Vito? Vita?). I’ll have to add it’s rank when I get home, as I think the majority of it is still in the bottle (which may give an indication of how much I liked it).

In other news, I am in love with the Garmin Edge 305. I’d been eyeing one for a couple weeks now, trying to convince myself NOT to buy it…gah I love gadgets! Justyna has one, and sent out our route and stat information (Check it out here if you’re interested) – it will be a miracle if I manage to resist buying it now. So fun!

Distance: 26.89mi

Time: 1:59:45

Avg MPH: 13.5

Max MPH: 26.2


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