Picture Time!

I almost forgot! Thanks to the folks at photocrazy.com, I have a few pictures of myself actually riding a bike! There was a picture spot set up along the road (presumably for the bike event that was going on at the same time as our pacelining ride). The van actually snapped actually quite a few shots of us TnT-ers as we made our laps. I haven’t managed to add a pic to my donations page yet (stupid thing refuses to upload), but I can definitely throw it up here! My favorite of the bunch is now set as my little default graphic, but I’ll probably link a couple more once I get home. See…I can ride! (Or at least I can be photographed doing something that looks suspiciously like riding as long as you can’t see the wires!)


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An often sarcastic, occasionally humorous journal of my training adventures in preparation for the Livestrong century ride. I took up cycling back in '07 in hopes of meeting new people, and, with the help of Team in Training, making my small positive difference in the world -- and haven't stopped spinning since. Follow along as my Trek road bike and I try and hash out our differences, hopefully with me upright and in the saddle.

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