Death Count – Zero

At least if counting deaths related directly to me learning pacelining. Today. I make no promises as to future pacelined events (aka basically all rides from here on out). But I’ll keep you posted (ew…bad pun).

Anyway, I showed up this morning ready to learn the fine art of riding in a straight line. My main goal? Avoid being the direct cause of bicycle-dominoes. After a fantastic demonstration of on-foot pacelining by some lovely volunteers, we broke into our ride groups. Coach Kevin ran down the goals of the day, gave some quick rules reminders and we set out.

I won’t detail each loop out (shocking, I know…I am quite good at the over-detailed ramble), but suffice to say that things actually went pretty darn well. By the second trip out, I felt like we were really starting to get the hang of it, and the the third round was (in my amazingly uninformed opinion) even tighter. Granted, there are LOTS of things we need to work on – but I was impressed that things went as well as they did.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Look over shoulder before moving to drop back. Pulling left smack dab into the middle of newly dubbed “Team Locust” (the giant cyclist group that FLEW passed us on round 2) could really put a damper on your morning. I guess pulling out into traffic could do the same…
  • Yell “GAP!” sooner than you think you need to. It’s easier to close a 5 foot hole than a 20 foot one.
  • Wear sunscreen. Yeah, this has nothing to do with pacelining, but my legs are on FIRE right now. And not in that “happy muscle burn” kind of way. 😦 I should know better! I may be new to cycling, but I’ve been pale since birth. Brilliance!
  • Map holders are fun toys. Unless your route consists of a straight line, so no one writes it down for you, rendering said shiny new toy basically useless. Le sigh.
  • Leave seat adjustments to someone who knows what they are doing. Even a short 20 miles in “squished position” can hurt like hell. In other news, I can now officially say that I’ve used that darn multi-tool.

In other news, I tried a few new sport refreshments today. Unfortunately, Wednesday’s success looks to have been a fluke, and nothing really jumped out as amazing. Oh well – that’s the point of testing, no?

Brand Flavor Rated (1-10) Notes
Hammer Gel Espresso 5 Decent texture, but tastes something like weak milky coffee. I’m a straight-up black coffee / espresso shots kind of girl, so this was a little disappointing, but not horrifying.
Hammer Gel Raspberry 3 Someone took raspberry jam, squeezed out all the fruit bits, added extra sugar and packaged it as an energy food. Raspberries are my favorite fruit! Oh, what have you done?.
Powerbar Gel Chocolate 1 Chocolate + toothpaste = bad. Bad bad bad. I have a feeling that Powerbar won’t be sponsoring me anytime soon if they read this blog (or if they saw me ride…but that’s hardly relevant).
CytoMax Go Grape 7 Workable. Not quite as tasty as the orange, but still an overall positive experience. Slightly watery, melted grape sour candy. Who could resist? Gets extra points for having a fun name. GO GRAPE!

I actually went straight from pacelining to Palo Alto Bicycles (where I bought the bike), and had the seat refitted. Yes, I felt that bad. They ended up making a quite few adjustments, so I’m hoping the Terry seat will feel a lot better tomorrow. I think that’s about as far as I can stretch this free trial, so I need to make a decision soon. One pair of ladybug socks, one vest, and 2 Probars later, I made it out of the store (cycling seems to come with a really nasty shopping habit!).

Well, that about sums it up. I’m hoping to make it out again tomorrow to get some miles on this seat in a workable position. More news then!

Distance: 22.87mi

Time: 1:49:25

Avg MPH: 12.5

Max MPH: 22.87


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