A new saddle and my first flat – what a day!

After recovering from the soreness from Coach George’s buddy ride on Saturday, I decided that it might be time to try out a new saddle. On recommendation from a few people I chose the Terry Butterfly as my first option. Apparently, it’s “women specific” and a LOT of ladies find it to be more comfortable than their stock seats. Despite being slightly turned off by a description that included the phrase “soft tissues” (EW!), I figured it couldn’t hurt (any worse) to try it out.

I called Willow Glen Bicycles and was excited to learn that they had a Butterfly in their demo box. I just had to bring in my bike, leave my old saddle, name and phone number, and they’d let me try the seat for a couple days. If I liked it, they’d order me a new one; if not I got my old seat back. Good stuff, right?

Since the shop closes at 7, I rushed straight home after work, threw on my gear and grabbed my bike from the garage. I had one foot clipped in and was trying to roll forward when I realized the bike was making a funky noise. Further inspection revealed that my back tire was flat. Awesome. I guess I can’t complain too much – my first flat could definitely have been a more dramatic story. As it was, I walked to the garage, put some air in the thing, and walked it up to the bike shop (about two blocks from my house).

Note: I did *consider* putting my new skills to use and changing the tire myself, but with the store closing in 30 minutes, I decided not to risk missing the new saddle time altogether. Or at least that’s the story I’m telling people.

The bike and I made it to the shop, and she had her new saddle installed and the back tube replaced. (Is it weird that I just called a bike she? I do the same with my car…but maybe that’s not proper cycle-speak.) I headed out for a ride up Los Gatos Creek Trail to try out the new toy. I’d just about hit Meridian when I decided that the seat positioning felt really too far forward, so I swung back by the shop and had them push it back a touch.

By the time everything was properly repaired and positioned, it was almost seven. Since I hadn’t eaten dinner, I stopped for a bit and downed half a Cliff’s Bar

Brand Flavor Rated (1-10) Notes
Clif Bar Cool Mint Chocolate 7 Better texture than the Cherry Almond, and an OK taste.

before riding too far. I rode up to the bridge in Campbell before turning back. After nearly running down at least 6 people, almost getting plowed into by a little kid on a bike, and slowing to a crawl for a 10th of a mile because I couldn’t pass, I decided there were just too many people out and about.

Side note: I passed by a group of TnT walkers on the trail, and vaguely wanted to shout “GO TEAM” at them…but wasn’t sure that the protocol would be much appreciated (especially by other walker types on the trail). I debated it heavily, especially on the second pass…but in the end decided to leave the walk team alone. If they ever somehow read this, I hope they know I was mentally cheering for them! 🙂

The ride home was pretty uneventful. I’m still up in the air about the new saddle, but I can’t say I’ve done many miles in it yet. The position feels like it might be off a little – I had strain on my knees which has never happened before – but it’s possible that I’m just imagining it. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea after hill repeats tonight!

Also – now that the cycle computer is working, I’m going to try adding my ride stats as I go to keep better track of how far I go, how fast, etc. I know there are computers and programs to track this, but my ghetto “in-blog” method will have to suffice for now (especially if I end up dropping the $120 on that saddle!).

Distance: 9.1mi

Time: 32:00(ish) min

Avg MPH: 14.8

Max MPH: 22.1


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