Thirty is the new Fifteen!

Or rather…26 point some-number….or maybe twenty seven…I forget. Honestly, I may never know, as the cycle-computer that I installed Friday night (which I swear worked at the time!) couldn’t do anything other than track cadence on Saturday morning. Despite the minor technical difficulties – I did get the stupid thing working once I got home – the ride on Saturday went really well. There were no falls, no near-hits by vehicles, and, other than some extreme saddle-soreness, I felt pretty good during and after the ride. How amazingly mundane, I know.

As such, my tracking stats for last week are rather unexciting:

Number of rides: 12

Falls: holding at 2

Rides since last fall: 9 (or 15 days)

Number of bruises left: none anyplace visible

Miles traveled: ~132 (still a guesstimate…although this week we can start using real cyclo-computed numbers)

As part of my “avoid muscle cramps at all costs” routine, I’ve been testing out several types energy food/drinks. To date, I’ve found 1 that’s okay, 1 that’s tolerable, and several that I hope never to eat again. Here’s the rundown thus far:

Brand Flavor Rated (1-10) Notes
Powerbar Caramel Cookie 3 Tastes vaguely like caramel flavored cardboard rolled in dirt (for that extra gritty goodness). No thanks.
Clif Bar Black Cherry Almond 5 Should any food require this much chewing? Not a huge fan of the flavor but a vast improvement over caramel bricks
Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter 6.5 Better flavor than the black cherry business. Still too much chew action.
GU Chocolate Outrage 8 Someone melted a Hershey kiss, added some salt and put it in a snazzy silver packet. Not the greatest chocolate ever (shocker) but at least it didn’t take my 45 minutes to ingest.

As for drinks, I’ve only tried the Raspberry GU20 mix…and I will NOT be trying it again. Just…ew. Given that Gatorade is already out, I think I’m going to be hard pressed to find anything I like on this front. I guess I should consider myself lucky if finding cycling food turns out to be the most challenging part of training!


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An often sarcastic, occasionally humorous journal of my training adventures in preparation for the Livestrong century ride. I took up cycling back in '07 in hopes of meeting new people, and, with the help of Team in Training, making my small positive difference in the world -- and haven't stopped spinning since. Follow along as my Trek road bike and I try and hash out our differences, hopefully with me upright and in the saddle.

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